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My Dear Cory

Today is about celebrating your birth… So, I’m gonna try and push all the “whys”, “what ifs” and how much you’re missed to the side and concentrate on the fact that you were born.

We were blessed with your presence in this world. Your talent, your beauty and your heart made - and continues to make - a difference in so many lives. You brought so much light into our hearts. I hope we can learn from you how to appreciate each opportunity, each moment, each accomplishment and each person in our lives! You taught us gratitude! You taught us compassion! If we could live how you lived this world would be a better place, we could make a difference!

You were among us for a very very short period… But you made every second of it worth it!

I love you forever!

Happy Birthday, my angel!

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My dearest Lea!

You’re probably never going to read this… But it’s your birthday and you deserve to be celebrated even if you don’t get to see it… I hope you feel it! 
When I think about why I became a fan, I think of the first time I saw you, bringing life to the amazing, peculiar Rachel Berry. Your talent as an actress made me fall in love with her the minute I saw her “crying” at principal Higging’s office in the pilot. And then I heard you sing. What a powerful voice coming from the tiniest woman. 
And time went on and Glee became a huge success and I got to ‘know’ you better. And the list of reasons to admire you got bigger and bigger. You are an inspiration to woman all over the world, because you embraced your unusual beauty and became an icon. You always use your best features in your favor and you are an example that sexy and classy can coexist. 
You use your position in the spotlight, as a celebrity, to bring attention to causes that are important to you and you make sure those make it to the public eye. You are passionate about every project you get involved with and that shows what kind of a professional you are. You’re an expert in talking to the press and your interviews are always amusing. You found the perfect balance between your private life and the information you give to your fans and the media. You are sweet, you are brave, you are compassionate. You are such a fangirl. Your laugh is so contagious… your smile is so bright… And your voice, oh my god!!! Every time I hear you sing I get overwhelmed. 
I wish you all the best there is in the world. May you receive in your life all the light you bring to everyone around you. Thank you for making this world a brighter one! 
I love you!
Happy Birthday Lea. 

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I can’t believe it. I’m trying to read the articles but it just doesn’t make any sense. And it’s strange and I feel conflicted… Because the thing I always admired most about Cory is how “human” he seemed. He didn’t have that celebrity aspect that set him apart from all of us. And now I’m sitting here refusing to believe he’s gone. Like something so mundane and ordinary as death wouldn’t happen to him. From what every one who knew him is saying he never wanted us to see him like like this untouchable celebrity. And I’m failing him.

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Being brazilian I remember when Ayrton Senna passed away. I was 14! He was my first “famous” grief. I cried for a week! I watched every TV show in his honor, I read every article. It was like a relative had tragically died. Until this day, when I hear his victory theme I break down. Nobody ever took his place in sports. And I never ever thought anyone would reach that status again. Boy I was wrong. And I wish with all my heart I weren’t. Cory will forever be my favorite Canadian. I’m heartbroken! I hope his family and Lea can find solace in his presence on this world. It was too short, but it was a very strong one.

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